What are we doing? What’s happening to us? What needs to be done? I prefer not to’

a research lab + an installation + a live performance/ lecture

Paula Roush, msdm

Isa Suarez , www.isasuarez.com

For the lauch of protest academy london msdm paula roush and isa suarez are issuing a call for contributions of tactical audio material with an invitation to participate in the public live performance /broadcast and recording session of ‘What are we doing? What is happening to us? What needs to be done? I prefer not to’

For the inauguration of its first module protest academy london, msdm will dedicate the first weekend19-20th february to the collection and archive of tactical audio production – followed by the creation of a new score that will be performed live and broadcast on sat 26-27 as protest academy’s london inaugural lecture titled: ‘What are we doing? What is happening to us? What needs to be done? I prefer not to’‘What are we doing?(…)’ is part of protest academy x-cUrricular activities an experimental de-schooling platform that will be staged next in Leipzig as part of the public art project Homeland Modernity (may 2005) when [msdm]+[general panel] will map protest and the production of urban space in the city.

This is the schedule for the 3 weekends events:

weekend1: registration, indexing of incoming material and preparation of the new score 19-20 february 12:00-18:00

weekend2: live performance/ lecture ‘What are we doing?(…)’ with simultaneous radio transmissions 26-27 february 12:00-18:00

weekend3: exhibition of the recorded performance with score, sound tools and contributed material
5-6 march 12:00-18:00

paula roush is the founder of msdm; recent projects include ‘sos:ok’ at Coleman Project Space London when the gallery was used to stage an emergency food relief operation, and ‘bowville’ a networked performance during which marian manesta forrester was electronically tagged and had 3 days to earn honourary citizenship of bowville.

Isa Suarez is a composer/singer and sound artist, most recent works include ‘à trouble sens’, Musée de
Guéthary, Hendaye, France (2003) and ‘4 key instructions on how to rob a Swiss bank without getting caught’
(2004), as part of Hand Luggage at K3 Project Space, Zurich, Switzerland.

We would be delighted to have your participation. In order to contribute to the project we are requesting:

-copies of released audio material [historical or contemporary] any formats accepted including video [vhs, dvd, mini-dv,…], audio [vinyl, cd, mini-disk, mp3s,…]
-additional material such as catalogues and flyers to be displayed and/or handed out during the presentation.

Contributions can be brought in during opening hours or sent by post to

22 Parfett St Whitechapel London E1 1JR (behind the east london mosque)
T: +44(0)207 247 1375 and 44(0)7883008639
E: msdm@msdm.org.uk

online map: http://www.streetmap.co.uk/newmap.srf?x=534444&y=181507&z=0&sv=E1+1JR&st=2&pc=E1+1JR&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf

updated info: http://www.msdm.org.uk/projects/whatarewe.html