Sold Out brings together a group of internationally renowned and emerging artists to raise funds for Elastic Residence and The Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund. Opening night performances include Martin Creed and His Band, whose music has been described as willful, wild and pushing the extremes of noise and silence. Among the internationally renowned artists showing, Beat Streuli provides an image from his Brussels series, characteristic of his street portraiture that captures the extraordinariness of the everyday, urban experience. From the well-known UK contributors, Daisy Delaney donates work that specifically responds to Sold Out, and subverts familiar images to deliver unexpected messages. The event closes with a performance by Gina Birch & Hayley Newman of the Gluts, concerned with the effects of over-consumption, capitalism and climate change.

Artists donating work to the exhibition include Beat Streuli, Lee Maelzer, Yvonne Buchheim, Marie Le Mounier, Marc Vaulbert de Chantilly, Paul Sakoilsky, Daisy Delaney, Calum F Kerr, Cathy Lomax, Dolores Sanchez Calvo,  Carla Cescon, Shiva Lynn Burgos, Andrew Hurle, Brook Andrew, Laura Oldfield Ford, Linda Persson, Rosa Almeida, Sayshun Jay, Marcus Bering, Isabelle Francis, Jan Savage, Sarah Sparkes, Tod Hanson, Sarah Doyle, Jessica Voorsanger, Rosemarie McGoldrick, Meinbert Gozewijn Van Soest, Richard Ducker, Paula Roush, Peter Bobby, Cyril Lepetit, Deej Fabyc, Simeon Nelson, Sean Edwards, David Blandy, John Hillson, Dave Hoare, Simona Bonomo, the Gluts, & Martin Creed & his Band

Work will be for sale by auction on the basis of sealed bids that can be placed at any point during the exhibition until the closing event on July 18th. On this last day, all bids will be opened and the ‘winners’ informed.


1st July 2010: Opening night performances including Martin Creed & his Band, 6-10pm.

The exhibition is then open every Saturday and Sunday until 18th July, 1pm to 6 pm, and by appointment
(020 72471375).

18th July 2010: Closing event, 2pm-6pm
Gina Birch & Hayley Newman of the Gluts will be presenting a Gluts(y) Performance at
about 2.30pm.

Sealed bids will be opened at 4pm.

Monies raised will go towards the ongoing development of the Elastic Residence programme, an artist run space aimed at giving artists direct access to exhibition opportunities.  20% of funds raised will be donated to
The Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund, a non-political, non-profit organization working to address the medical and humanitarian needs of Palestinian children.






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The Gluts

Beat Streuli

Lee Maelzer

Yvonne Buchheim

David Blandy

Sean Edwards

Marie Le Mounier

Meinbert Gozewijn Van Soest

Marc Vaulbert de Chantilly

Paul Sakoilsky

Daisy Delaney

Calum F Kerr,

Cathy Lomax,

Dolores Sanchez Calvo

Carla Cescon

Shiva Lynn Burgos

Andrew Hurle

Brook Andrew

Laura Oldfield Ford

Linda Persson

Rosa Almeida

Sayshun Jay

Marcus Bering

Isabelle Francis

Jan Savage

Sarah Sparkes

Sarah Doyle

Jessica Voorsanger

Cyril Lepetit

Deej Fabyc

Simeon Nelson

Rosemarie McGoldrick

Paula Roush

Richard Ducker

Peter Bobby