Kristoffer Ørum and Anders Bojen
Curated by Gyonata Bonvicini


You find yourself situated in a landscape – surrounded by big green trees in a regular sequence, all roughly similar in height. In between the trees, a view of a vast green field with hardly any growth stretches out to the horizon, making it hard for you to estimate distance. As you stroll through the landscape you get a disturbing sense of something being not quite right – some sort of incomprehensible order beyond your range of perception. You walk up close to a tree in the hope of finding out more and discover the leaves to have completely identical dimensions. Furthermore everything is in accordance with the golden section: The width of the leaves is 1:1.618 to the length, the length of the leaves 1:1.618 to the length of the small branches that supports them, the small branches are 1:1.618 to the slightly bigger branches and the slightly bigger branches, are 1:1.618 to the limbs, the limbs 1:1.618 to the trunk, the height of the trees are 1:1.618 to the distance between the trees, the ground is 1:1.618 to the sky and you are 1:1.618 to the landscape.

Kristoffer Ørum and Anders Bojen work collaboratively on the border between science fiction and everyday experience. Using and misusing accepted knowledge and well-known objects their works include computer simulations of artificial life to coffee makers from Oxfam. There is a space defined by their own rules, an instant system of knowledge operating where things behave differently from the usual way