New Entities

Deej Fabyc invited artist Jon Fawcett to present a selection of works developed from his ongoing investigation into the entity, including a number of new text works.The entity is a liberating expansion on the sculptural and theperformative, and can be seen as a contemporary, socialized approach to conceptual art. Fawcett’s enquiry has two strands: The creation and description of non-physical objects as
real-time/real-space stories, including collaborations with 3D computer modelers David Cook and Anthony Steed.
The creation and representation of occurrences in non-art fields, including a six-month dialogue with the lawyer Lubna Azhar.

Comments from Arc, 2005:
“When I first heard about it I though what a waste of time and money but it has been a genuinely enlightening experience”
“It’s quite good that we don’t know what’s happening”
Comments from Caught in a Trap, 2002:
“I’m just going to laugh every time I see that hole”
“Fantastic… Surreal”
You can also see Jon Fawcett’s work at London in Six Easy Steps, at the ICA from the 23rd to the 28th of August
(including a performance-tour on Friday 26th at 6pm) Jon Fawcett