Michael Corris Twelve Rules from the Collection of the Artist

Curated by Deej Fabyc

‘a new world-wide academy of art is with us and is having its heyday. it is a great, highly organized, and heart-stirring celebration of the half-mind and half-reason in art. It has a big market and art apprentices, students and young talents are extremely enthusiastic about it.’ ‘perhaps it is inevitable that all free and spontaneous gatherings and excitements are eventually exploited, institutionalized, and explained away as authorities and middlemen move in to make them, finally, a means of coercion and conformity. in our time, we’ve all seen come into being an official ‘corporate’ style, a ‘grand social and political manner’, a booming free-lance curating sector and huge, expensively-designed museums and public galleries.’ ‘is it too optimistic to think that perhaps some new activity among artists could free the circumstances again? am I being too pessimistic to feel a great doubt about this?’ ‘should I say, with apologies to ad reinhardt, that we should encourage artists and art students to go to Venice (or any of the other, 100-odd international exhibitions across the globe) to see what never, ever has to be done again?’

michael corris is a writer on art, living and working in caerleon, wales. his art criticism has been widely published in Art Monthly, Artforum, FlashArt, Art History, art+text and Mute and has been included in several collections, most notably Alex Alberro and Blake Stimson (eds), Conceptual Art: A Critical Anthology (MIT Press) and John Roberts (ed), Art Has No History! (Verso Press). corris’ most recent publications include Conceptual Art: Theory, Myth and Practice (Cambridge University Press, 2004), a monograph on David Diao (TimeZone8 Books, Beijing, 2005), Ad Reinhardt (Reaktion Books, London, forthcoming 2006), and with Pauline Broeckman, Josie Berry Slater and Simon Ford, A MUTE Reader (The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, forthcoming 2007). * * * list of works twelve rules from the collection of the artist ink on pvc 167cm x 267cm twelve rules from the collection of the artist inkjet print twelve parts, each 30cm x 42cm edition of 10