A book launch and exhibition presenting eight Australian artists work and launching ‘Elastic’ a book produced by a group of ten principal artists.

Deej Fabyc, Elvis Richardson, Andrew Hurle, Elizabeth Pulie, Lisa Andrew, Jay Balbi, Mark Hislop & Sarah Goffman

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“At one time a gallery, another an exhibition, or in this instance a book, Elastic’s rubbery platforms belie any notions of returning to a fixed original dimension. Elastic’s evolutionary methodology creates projects which allow autonomy and self-contextualisation, as each artist determines their space in within it.

Artists are individualistic creatures, so to form a group and make it work is no easy feat. For that group to have longevity (while accommodating over half it’s members now living in different countries), is really kind of special. Each Elastic member continues to engage significantly from all sides of the table with the infrastructure that represents and mediates art, which is as it should be.”

Elvis Richardson

The book will be available at a special launch price of £10.

‘Elastic: Printed Project is a notable first, an unusual publication to emerge somewhat incongruously from Sydney’s famously cash-strapped community of artist-run spaces. Nothing of the kind has been produced by a like collective, and unlike the Xerox and hand-crafted artists’ books and journals usually associated with such spaces (highly desirable items in themselves), this is a top-end production of non-mainstream art. In short, it is a coup for the artists (with thanks to the generous support of the Australia Council for having the wisdom to fund it).’

Anne Finegan Eyeline September 2004